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The Regulars

From small towns to big cities and along the roads in between, America offers great hang-out spots. The Regulars is a fun, hilarious, sometimes cringe-worthy journey with the very extroverted Oscar Santana and straight-talking, smile-inducing Tanner Cooley. A little bit Cheers and a little bit Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, The Regulars is an engaging exploration of America’s most colorful bars, clubs, taverns, dives, watering holes and saloons. Oscar and Tanner will meet the locals, eat their food, drink their drinks, hear their stories and find out what it takes to fit in and become a Regular. Whether the dynamic duo succeed or fail, Oscar and Tanner will have an amazing time, meet incredible people and discover the coolest hang-outs in America. It's going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

Oscar Santana

A Latin version of Ryan Seacrest, Oscar is currently a cast member and host of three top international podcasts: The Mike O’Meara Show, the Big O and Dukes Show and Tech 411. The self-proclaimed "Prince of Podcasting” generates millions of downloads and enjoys an international fan base but is a humble guy; “As the youngest of three kids, I’m pretty sure my parents decided to punt and left the baby-gate open...and that's how I ended up in broadcasting. The rest of my family are doctors.” Hmmm. As a talk show host, Santana has proven he’s game for everything and anything so he has what it takes to be a “regular” in any town in America…as long as they have valet parking and take American Express, of course.

Tanner Cooley

Tanner Cooley believes that a man can never wear too many hats. Almost always in a baseball hat, Tanner already counts radio show host, actor, web entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker as occupations in his young career. Never content to wear the same hat or travel the easiest route, his future plans include medical school. From a small town in Utah, Tanner attended Utah State where he played football and married his high school sweetheart. He currently resides in Virgina and in his spare time enjoys attending concerts, sporting events, playing with his dogs, kicking back a few cocktails and hanging out with his friends and family. Tanner is best known for his candor; a key trait which should serve him well as he navigates his way across the country trying to become one of “The Regulars.” It is alleged that Tanner can go extended periods of time without sleep, can eat more than a horse and outdrink most mortal men; this remains to be proven during the course of the show.

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Benny Marchant

Benny Marchant will lend his signature rich, melodic artistic style by contributing original music to to The Regulars’ road trips. Benny enjoys plenty of his own moments with “the regulars” at venues across the country as he tours the U.S. promoting his latest album, Cold Weather. Produced by Joe Chicarelli (My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, White Stripes), and working with his crew of dynamite musicians, Cold Weather explores the slight but revealing gestures that shape our life.

Previously, Benny founded the alternative rock band, Kings Royal. They reigned at Los Angeles hot spots like the Whisky, had a residency at the Viper Room and recorded a well-received album, Beginning. In 2008, Kings Royal toured extensively with fellow alt-rockers, Candlebox, whose Kevin Martin was a fan. The Kings Royal eventually disbanded, but Benny remained in L.A. When not out touring the country, he lives in Malibu, beside the beloved ocean that he hymns so brightly about on the hit song, California.

For more information on Benny and to hear more of his music, visit Benny’s site. (

The Regulars