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Season 1 Episode 1: Troubadour Lounge and Park, Berkeley Springs, WV

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Oscar and Tanner road trip to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia where they end up trying to fit in at the unforgettable Troubadour Lounge and Park. Along the way, they get a taste of the local food flavors and enjoy the colorful, unique personalities of the local characters.

The Real Regulars

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The Amazing Jim McCoy

In a fair world, Jim would not just be in the Country Music Hall of Fame, but in the Great Americans Hall of Fame, if such a thing existed. A truly wonderful person.
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The Doctor

Jim McCoy's actual doctor in his actual suit. A good man and word is, a good doctor, despite the attire.

The Band

Every Saturday night you can find live music at the Troubador. On the night we visited, this amazing family bluegrass band played and rocked the backyard.

The City Folks

These guys come in weekly from D.C. They love the accepting and friendly nature of The Troubador crowd...and the ever popular drink, Rocket Fuel!

The Final Song

By the end of the night everyone has a good voice, or at least a loud one. We all joined arms like one big, happy family and belted out , “Country Roads,” the unofficial anthem of West Virginia.