Reflecting on looking ahead

Butterfly photo by Clint Bush

©2008 Clint Bush

I sometimes have an issue with the “there and then” philosophy over the “here and now”. I do agree having a plan to work towards not only gives us goals, but hope for something rewarding in the end. However, I strongly believe it’s not just the reward at the end, but rather the journey that teaches us. Buddhists believe you must be in the present to be truly spiritual. If we’re always focused on the end result, we miss the details in life, and remember details are not always bad. The way a butterfly gets carried in a breeze. The way the grass smells after it’s been cut. The way rain sounds on a window. The intricate patterns of a snowflake. The precious giggle of your partner or child. These moments are just as precious as the reward in the end. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the end result, and we want to skip ahead. Then, like reading the end of book first, you miss the context that makes the award truly rewarding.

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